Friday, August 26, 2016

Panchakuta Basadi - Kambadahalli

Panchakuta Basadi is a Jain temple located in Kambadahalli village of Mandya district in Karnataka. It is 18km from the famous Jain Temple of Sravanabelagola. The name Kambadahalli means a village with pillar. Panchakuta Basadi and Shanthinatha Basadi are the two important temples in this village. This temple complex was built by the kings of Western Ganga dynasty in 900-1000CE. It is believed that there were 72 Jain temples in Kambadahalli village. The monument is protected by the Archeological Survey of India as a National Monument

Panchakuta Basadi jain temple in Kambadahalli

Panchakuta Basadi, Kambadahalli

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