Sunday, May 3, 2020

Kedareshwara Temple Nagalapura

Nagalapura is a small village situated in Tiptur taluk of Tumkur district of Karnataka. There are two hoysala period temple in this village. Kedareshwara Temple Dedicated to Lord Shiva and Chennakeshava temple dedicated lord vishnu.

This temple is an ekakuta (single sanctum) temple facing east. The temple structure consist of a garbha-grha (sanctum), an antarala (vestibule) and a navaranga (closed hall). Even though the Garbha-griha faces the east direction, the main entrance to the temple, through navaranga, is on its southern side. This temple is known for beautiful ornate Ceilings of the navaranga, animated friezes, wall sculptures and lathe-turned pillars of the navaranga, which are typical examples of the art and architecture of the Hoysala style.

Kedareshwara Temple is a lesser known hoysala temple located in Nagalupra near to turuvekere

Kedareshwara Temple, Nagalapura

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