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Bucheswara Temple - Koravagala

Bucheswara temple, located in Korvangala village of Hassan District in Karnataka is one of the finest example of 12th century Hoysala Architecture. Bucheswara temple is also spelt as Bucesvara or Bucheshvara. The temple was constructed in 1173 AD by a rich officer called Buci, to celebrate the coronation of the Hoysala King Veera Ballala II. This temple is protected as a monument of national importance by the Archeological Survey of India. Nearby to Bucheswara Temple, there are two more temples that are in ruins. From inscriptions it is evident that these temples were constructed by Buci's older broters Govinda and Naka and hence it is known as Govideswara and Nakeswara temple

Bucheswara temple in koravangala in karnataka constructed by the hoysala dynasty

Bucheswara Temple

Bucheswara Temple Structure

Bucheswara temple in Korvangala is one of the finest example of Divikuta vimana (two shrines) temple. The two shrines faces each other. These shrines are connected to a closed mantapa or hall and an open mantapa. The eastern end of the complex is dedicated to Bhairava, a form of Hindu god Shiva. The western shrine facing east contains the image of Surya, the Sun god in Hinduism.

The western shrine has a staggered square plan with three projections per side. The Kalasa (decorative pot on top of the tower) and the Hoysala emblem are intact. The eastern shrine has a Sukhanasi (nose), which is a low protrusion of the tower over the shrine and is built over the vestibule which connects the vimana to the hall. Currently the main tower is missing or its not sure if the tower was a part of the original plan or not.

Stone sculpture found in Hoysala temple Bucheswara temple in koravangala

Stone Sculpture

   Typical hoysala type lathe tuned pillar inside the open mantapa of Bucheswara temple in koravangala

          Lathe tuned pillar

   Finely carved ceiling of the famous hoysala temple, bucheswara temple in koravangala

          Carved Ceiling

  Narasimha avatar carved on the walls of the famous Hoysala Bucheswara temple in koravangala

Carvings of Narasimha Avatar

  Side view of the Bucheswara temple in Koravnagala

Bucheswara Temple

Below the superstructure, there is an eave that projects about half a meter all around the temple. Below the eaves are the decorative miniature towers. The miniature towers are in various styles like "nagara" "dravida" "vesara" and "bhumija". The large wall images of the deities and their attendants are placed below the decorative towers. These images includes Goddess Saraswati, Durga Maheswhwara, Narasimha, Brahma and Venugopala. Below these images, the base of the wall comprises 5 different horizontal mouldings, one of which is a row of block.

The two shrines that faces each other is connected to a closed mantapa and an open mantapa. The closed hall is complete in design but the open hall is not. The open hall provides a two sided entrance to the temple. The southern entrance is flanked by two small elephant balustrades. The ceiling of the open hall is of fine quality supported by lathe tuned pillars.

Side view of Bucheswara temple in koravagala in karnataka

Bucheswara Temple

Best Time To Visit Bucheswara Temple

The best time to visit Bucheswara Temple is between the months of October and March.

How to Reach Bucheswara Temple

Bucheswara temple is located in Korvangala village of Hassan District in Karnataka. It is located at a distance of 183km from begaluru, the state capital and 128km from Mysore and 10km from Hassan.

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  3. I lived few moments in Karnataka but been only in cities, Bucheswara is such a beautiful temple that too of Lord Shiva.I would love to visit someday.why is it best to visit in October and march?

  4. That architectural style is so unique with the columns that almost look swirly. I love the architectural sculptures around the temple.

  5. Wow, still in very good condition! Would love to visit this place someday :). Thanks for the share!

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  7. I love the photographs on this one ����

  8. I have never been to Karnataka, but I will definitely would like to see this place. That architecture looks amazing :)

  9. I was an archaeology student and I have a history and travel blog. This Bucheswara Temple is really amazing to see. Great post to read. Thanks for sharing.

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