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Gandikotta - The Grand Canyon of India

Gandikotta, known as The Grand Canyon of India is located near Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh in India. Gandikotta got its name due to the ‘gorge”, in Telugu called as gandi, formed between the Erramala range of hills and the river Pennar that flows at its foot.

Gandikotta is also known as the grand canyon of india

Gandikotta Gorge

Things to See in Gandikotta

1. The Grand Canyon
2. Madhavaraya Temple
3. Jama Masjid
4. Granary
5. Ranganatha Swamy Temple
6. Jail
7. Pigeon Tower

Gandikotta fort has a Masjid, a large granary and a Temple. The masjid has two adjacent minarets. The large granary with a vaulted roof is now used as the traveler’s bungalow. There are two temples within the Gandikotta Fort dedicated to Madhava and Raghunatha. The other structures within the fort include another granary, a magazine, a Pigeon tower with fretted windows and a palace built by bricks with some plastered decorations. There is an old cannon still lying in the gandikotta fort. There is also the ‘Rayalacheruvu’ with its perennial springs irrigating some lime and plantain gardens. It is said that this was connected to a fountain in Jamia Masjid by pipes

Gopura of madhavaraya temple in gandikotta


  Inside of madhavaraya temple complex

Madhavaraya Temple

  Pigeon tower in gandikotta

Pigeon tower

A map of the places in Gandikotta

Gandikotta fort map

  Mosque at gandikotta


  Raghunatha Temple at Gandikotta is located on the way to the gorge view point

Raghunatha Temple at Gandikotta

History of Gandikotta

Gandikota was founded in 1123 by Kapa Raja of nearby Bommanapalle village and a subordinate of Ahavamalla Someswara I, the Western Chalukyan king of Kalyana. The fort was constructed by Pemmasani Thimma Nayudu and it was under the control of Pemmasani Nayaks for over 300 years. The Gandikota fort played a significant role during the Kakatiya, Vijayanagara and Qutub Shahi periods.

Tips in Visiting Gandikotta

Cars are allowed inside the fort and you can park it near to the old mosque, from where you can walk towards the gorge view point. After passing two fort gates, you will reach near the structure called Charminar. You can either park your vehicle here and take a walk to the Madhavaraya Swamy temple to the left. Or you can go further and park the car in front of the old Mosque. It is highly recommended to wear a comfortable shoes or chappals with good grip as you have to walk through some slippery boulders to reach the point where we have the best view of the Indian Grand Canyon There are very less restaurants near Gandikota. The only option for stay and food can be AP Tourism Haritha Hotel in Gandikotta.

Open hall at Madhavaraya Temple in Gandikotta

Open hall at Madhavaraya Temple in Gandikotta

A view of Gopura of Madhavaraya temple and Mosque from Ranganathaswamy temple

A view of Gopura of Madhavaraya temple and Mosque from Ranganathaswamy temple

Best Time To Visit Gandikotta

One should ideally visit Gandikota between September to February as the weather is comfortable and pleasant. The summer months are hot and humid with the temperature sometimes soaring up to a good 40-45 degree celsius, and thus is not a good time to witness the gorge.

How to Reach Gandikotta

Gandikotta is located 13km from Jamalamadugu in Cuddapah district of Andrapradesh. It is at a distance of 290km from Bangalore. The route from Bangalore is Bangalore-Devanahalli-Chickkaballapur-Bagepalli-Kadiri-Pulivendula-Jamalamadugu-Gandikotta.

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